New Bento, and Nori Punches at Dollar Tree

7/27/07 Bento

Bento 7/27/07


White rice


Steamed brocolli

Carrot stumps

Kiwi slices

Cabbage pancakes



In addition to a tasty new bento (which I didn’t upload for THREE BLEEDING DAYS) I also bring news of affordable nori punches.


Nori Punches


These things set me back a dollar apiece at Dollar Tree. They’re a fairly recent addition, and they’re in that funk-smelling crafts aisle I usually avoid.


Shapes aside from the lovely sun/shell combo I grabbed:


  • Apple
  • Musical note
  • Kissing couple
  • Seahorse
  • Moon
  • Candy

The same bin also contained embossers, for you weirdos who just want to half-stamp your nori.



What’s this? Meat? For Truly?

Yes, today I had meat for my bento. Not just any meat, but angus steak. My dad reserved just a tiny bit of it from his supper last night (hooray for discount sales!) and let me use it for my lunch.

Double shot of July 25th bento


Screw dessert, that’s my treat for eating everything else! Ah, but what does everything else include?

  • -Cabbage pancakes
    -Lots of romaine lettuce and carrots
    -Maki rolls with egg
    -Onigiri with nori

The funny thing about the two onigiri I took to lunch today was the… unusual property of the second onigiri. The first onigiri, the one you can see clearly in the photo, was perfect. Fall-apart-in-your-mouth, tasty, and just a little salty. All was well until I got to the second onigiri.

It had become rubberized. I’m not sure if I squeezed it to hard, or if it was too heavily seasoned, or if some crazy secondary cooking happened in the heat of the day, but it had become a chew toy. Disgusted and disappointed, I cast it out, aiming for a nearby park garbage bin. What I witnessed next was nothing short of comedy gold.

Because I had thrown with my left arm, (read: my dumb arm) the onigiri did no make it to the garbage bin. Instead, it fell short, and to my sheer confusion, rolled away. Not only had my onigiri become rubbery and stale in less than three hours, but it’s fossilization was complete enough to allow it to roll away like some comically misshapen wheel.

More photos behind the cut. Or more tag. Whatever you call a cut on WP.

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Minor Backlog Post

Since I’m in the process of moving from Livejournal/Greatestjournal to WordPress, I’ve got a few bento that I haven’t posted here yet. Since there are so few (I only recently got into the habit of photographing and posting them) I thought that it’d be a nice first post. Many of the photos look crap because my area of the country has been through some cloudy, rainy weather that forces me to either stay indoors or take photos in dim light. But enough jibba jabba. Time to break in the new blog! All hail the new flesh!

Top tier of a backlogged bento Here’s one of those crap photographs I mentioned. I’m not even going to defend it. The only reason that it’s been uploaded is to make a point. This bento is a fine example of a game that I find myself playing fairly often. I like to call it Iron Chef: Poverty Challenge. Skewered cubes of cheese, celery sticks, and tiny tuna sandwiches on a halved dinner roll. Oh, and High Chew.

Other half of the Poverty BentoHere’s the other half of the Poverty Bento. Boxed mac & cheese, more High Chew, and a single, lonely octodog speared through the head.

Bottom tier of the tutorial bentoThis bento I made for a bento-packing tutorial is another example of the extreme improvisation that happens when you have very little food to work with. Plain white rice with toasted nory and onion furikake, a half of an eighth of a corncob, and carrots. You’ll be so sick of carrots by the time this post is through. Just like I am.

Other half of the tut bentoThe top half of the tutorial bento, with an equally shite photo. I’ve got tea eggs, maki rolls made with imitation crab (which is actually a variety of surimi) and yet more carrot. The blueberries and celery greens act as stabilizers in an otherwise barren bento.

Cabbage pancake bento, bottomAn actual attractive bento photo, taken in glorious natural lighting. Even the food looks nicer. Again, the insidious carrots and celery find their way into my lunch. I don’t particularly like either of these things, but they’re often all I have to work with. This bento also contains cabbage pancakes (miniature!) and plain rice with some crispy nori strips.

Cabbage pancake bento, part 2 Yet more carrots and celery! Accompanying them are two octodogs, some sliced kiwi, and more cabbage pancakes. You can also see a slice of cucumber in there!

Spaghetti bento, bottomThe bottom half of my most recent bento, photographed on my furoshiki. Since my mother doesn’t really ‘do’ spaghetti sauce with vegetables in it, I decided to spice up these leftovers with some peppers, tomato, and onions before packing it up.

Spaghetti bento, topThe top half, I think, is equally colorful and appealing. Bright pink watermelon chunks, crisp green lettuce, and bright yellow rolled omelet with flecks of green nori make up for the brown jam sandwiches. Unfortunately, I have yet to escape the carrots.

I may never escape the carrots.