New Bento, and Nori Punches at Dollar Tree

7/27/07 Bento

Bento 7/27/07


White rice


Steamed brocolli

Carrot stumps

Kiwi slices

Cabbage pancakes



In addition to a tasty new bento (which I didn’t upload for THREE BLEEDING DAYS) I also bring news of affordable nori punches.


Nori Punches


These things set me back a dollar apiece at Dollar Tree. They’re a fairly recent addition, and they’re in that funk-smelling crafts aisle I usually avoid.


Shapes aside from the lovely sun/shell combo I grabbed:


  • Apple
  • Musical note
  • Kissing couple
  • Seahorse
  • Moon
  • Candy

The same bin also contained embossers, for you weirdos who just want to half-stamp your nori.



  1. Nice score on the punches. 🙂 I haven’t seen that one that looks a bit like a fan, nor have I seen most of the other shapes you mentioned.

    I have seen punches like this for $1 at both Target and Michael’s Crafts. I’ve got about eight of them in a variety of shapes. A star, circle, dog bone, paw print, music note, flower, and a few others I can’t remember off the top of my head.

    To note, these work well on raw carrots too if you slice the carrot thin enough to slide it into the puncher.

  2. Yeah, I live about 80 miles from the nearest Michael’s/craft store, so dollar store finds are awesome to me. Target won’t come because of Wal Mart.

    The carrot idea sounds awesome.

  3. Huzzah, a creative use for those things that don’t involve wasting paper! Frannen approves!

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