Broccoli Tastes Like Rubber: News at Bootyleven.

Sometimes, I really enjoy raw broccoli. It’s often bitter ann mildly fruity, with a little aftertaste. Not today. Not today.

August 1st’s bento


Be not fooled by its delicious appearance. Taking a bite out of this stuff reminded me of when I was five years old and tried to chew through a dusty tractor inner tube. Both in flavor and in texture, the broccoli has disappointed me. The onigiri (tuna with mayo~), the carrots, the sweet and sour pork (reused leftovers!) and the melon salad were all pleasant. If only the broccoli were as well. I ended up giving it to some crows. They did not accept the offering.

I’m pleased with how the nori punches worked out. Unfortunately, Jen‘s suggestion to use them to punch out thinly sliced carrot didn’t work out. I’m sure that it would be easier to do if I had an adjustable slicer, but all I have are knives. No paper thin carrots for me. 😦


  1. Doh!

    Yeah, from the looks of your carrots, they are way too thick to fit in the punches.

    Do you not have a really sharp knife? I don’t have a slicer, so I just use a knife. I usually end up with one or two slices out of maybe 10 that come out too thick to punch, but for the most part, they work pretty well.

    Another option is to use a good veggie peeler and to make a thick lengthwise peel of a regular size carrot. (Not a baby carrot.) Then you can sort of slide it through like a piece of paper and make multiple punches.

  2. A peeler! Of course! :O Thanks, Jennifer. ❤

    Those weren’t cut for use in the punch, by the way. I did make a genuine effort, you know! XD

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