Bento With a Friend! :D

Today, I met with a friend to study for our Japanese quiz. To repay her for buying me French fries the other day (and offering me porn) I fixed her a bento lunch in one of my old, ghetto containers.

Bento for a friend!

Because my friend’s tastes lean more on the cute side than mine (you have no idea) she got a cuter sort of bento, with lots of fluffy paper cups and bunny cutouts. What’s in it?

-Skewered leftover meatloaf
-A meat lollipop
-Many cucumbers
-Sliced/cutout apple
-Sugar-free (mostly!) oat bar
-Two onigiri, the larger of which is stuffed with tuna and a healthy dose of soy sauce
-A pink Peep bunny full of ranch dressing

August 22nd bento

My lunch is, in contrast, not cute at all. This pleases me most days. So, what’s within?

-More onigiri! Again, the plumper one is full of tuna
-A drummette/meat lollipop
-Cucumber slices, which are great for cutting the salt/heat of the previous items
-Granny smith chunks
-French fry nubs

Another shot of the August 22nd bento

Meat lollipop recipe available upon request.


  1. Soy sauce egg. Um. You peel the hard cooked egg and marinate it in soy sauce?

    Hmm. I tend to just douse my eggs with sriracha sauce.

  2. You roll the egg in your hands to crackle the shell, then dunk it in a mixture of soy sauce and mirin. I brine mine for about three days before consumption.

  3. what are those cute little stars on things?

  4. Carolina: I think those are nori, punched out into cute shapes. Sennet, feel free to wap me if I’m mistaken.

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