Sennet’s Tater Salad Recipe

I was asked by a member of the Bento Lunch community to provide a recipe for my mayo-free tater salad. Let us assemble our materials:

-1 medium potato
-1/2 cup plain yogurt
-1/4 cup swiss cheese, shredded
-1/4 of a kosher dill pickle
-A handful of raisins
-Some mustard

First, grab your potato. Wash it, peel it, cube it, boil it. I should have to tell you how to do any of these things. Drain them.

Heat the yogurt a little in a saucepan. Just until it goes kinda oozy. Add the cheese and stir until the cheese melts. Squirt a little mustard in there.  Not a lot. Just a little.

Remove the ooze from the heat and toss your potato chunks in it. Yes, like a salad. Now slice the pickle thin, and chunk it in with the raisins.

Toss again and leave to sit until cooled.


More fruit salad! Now with fish sticks!

August 18th’s bento

Top tier:

-A broccoli sprig
-A tiny cheese!
-Fruit salad (mandarins, melon, and pineapple)
-Fish sticks
-Some spinach
-A ketchup bottle

Bottom tier:

-Tater salad
-Spinach salad

Sep 18 bento again

Look! The camera lives!

9/17/07 bento

Today’s bento consisted of:

-Soba and peas. This soba was infused with yam, and I thought it’d go well with the coming autumn season.

-Pineapple and watermelon chunks to say goodbye to summer 😦

-Fresh spinach and mandarin salad

-Pea and onion omelet

-Beef slices

 9/17/07 bento AGAIN

I will make for you a quiche

Image of said quiche (and future bento) coming in the near future, when I somehow fix my camera. 😐

At times, I find myself having unusual internal dialogs about food. “Huh. No meat for dinner tonight.” “Eggs gots protiens in ’em.” “What’re we gonna make with eggs?” “Quiche gots eggs in it.” “I don’t know how to make a quiche.” “It’s got cheese or something in it and eggs and vegetables god just do it. :|” “Fine. :|”

So I did it. Having never assembled a quiche before and being without the internet for a few hours, I decided to try my hand at a freestyle quiche. Oddly enough, it was not only edible, but rather tasty.

Sennet’s Ozark-Engineered Spinach Quiche

You will need to procure from your foodstores:
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon plain yogurt
1 tablespoon milk
1 9-inch pie shell of your choosing
3 eggs (I used large brown, but whatev, I think)
Some spinach (however much you like) chopped up good
A large cooking dish with high walls
Some water
An oven

First, preheat the oven to 350 and blind bake your crust.  While your crust is doing its thing, whoop together the eggs and milk in a bowl. Nothing complicated thusfar.

Once your crust is all baked (though not poofy, I hope) spread the yogurt and cottage cheese around in the bottom. It doesn’t have to be a thick layer, and you can add more if you like. I don’t like. Anyways, when your goopy yogucheese base is in there, it’s time for the spinach. Just spread it around similarly, then pour the egg mixture over it.

Now that your quiche is assembled, it will need to be baked. To bake your quiche, fill your baking dish about a third of the way with water. Now, find a way to suspend your quiche over the water without submerging it. Once you’ve done that, shove the whole silly thing into the oven for about forty minutes. To test for done… ness, just tap the center with a spoon. If it wobbles, it’s probably not done. If it’s firm and a little springy, remove your quiche.

And don’t scald yourself.


I know.

New Page Added – Why do this at all?

My new page, Why Bento? explores the benefits of a boxed lunch for you, your kids, and even the environment.

Ohhh, lordy. It has been a while.

I’ve been sick, reader. Very, very sick. First, I had a particularly violent allergic reaction, then I caught a cold that’s just started to show signs of disappearing forever. As such, I haven’t felt much like blogging, bentoing, or even living for that matter. 😐

However, I had to keep making bento, since I need something to eat at school.

 First sick person bento

Here’s the first of the bento backlog, which I made in a total daze. I made it out of things that I can just throw in, and things that I like. Hence, little fried shrimps, a simple romaine salad, cantaloupe, and soba. Oh, soba. You are my friend whenever I’m down. 😦

 Second sick bento

God. Looking at these lunches in chronological order makes me feel like freaking Louis Wain. As the disease progresses, the quality of the work becomes unstable and twisted.  A little meat, some romaine lettuce, pineapple and granny smith chunks. Oh, and some rice with a shrimp in it. Not a Hinomaru thing, just wanted a shrimp there. Not sure why. Don’t care.

Third sick bento

Third and last sick bento. Good lord. What fresh madness is this? Stir-fried noodles and veggies in the bottom. On top, we’ve got glazed carrots, celery, a bunny full of peanut butter, and beef and broccoli that seems to have slathered poo juice all over everything else.

And that’s it. Welcome me back, and pray I never get sick again.