Ohhh, lordy. It has been a while.

I’ve been sick, reader. Very, very sick. First, I had a particularly violent allergic reaction, then I caught a cold that’s just started to show signs of disappearing forever. As such, I haven’t felt much like blogging, bentoing, or even living for that matter. šŸ˜

However, I had to keep making bento, since I need something to eat at school.

Ā First sick personĀ bento

Here’s the first of the bento backlog, which I made in a total daze. I made it out of things that I can just throw in, and things that I like. Hence, little fried shrimps, a simple romaine salad, cantaloupe, and soba. Oh, soba. You are my friend whenever I’m down. šŸ˜¦

Ā Second sickĀ bento

God. Looking at these lunches in chronological order makes me feel like freaking Louis Wain. As the disease progresses, the quality of the work becomes unstable and twisted.Ā  A little meat, some romaine lettuce, pineapple and granny smith chunks. Oh, and some rice with a shrimp in it. Not a Hinomaru thing, just wanted a shrimp there. Not sure why. Don’t care.

Third sickĀ bento

Third and last sick bento. Good lord. What fresh madness is this? Stir-fried noodles and veggies in the bottom. On top, we’ve got glazed carrots, celery, a bunny full of peanut butter, and beef and broccoli that seems to have slathered poo juice all over everything else.

And that’s it. Welcome me back, and pray I never get sick again.



  1. Good to have you back!

    And eep! Those shrimps on the rice looks like a tiny brain! Curse my over-active imagination *LOL*

  2. Get well sooooon, O bento bashing bunneh!

    Oh god, poo juice – now I can’t unsee it!

    Ahem. The tiny nori bits on the rice, plus the brain image that Trekkiesan up there gave me – I THOUGHT OF ZOMBIE BUGS.

  3. Ahahahaha! I thought of bugs at first too!

    And OMG poo juice! Awesome!
    I mean, not that I think actual poo juice is awesome, just the fact that you said it. Especially that said poo juice was “slathered” over everything. Whee! ^_^

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. thank goodness, i thought you disappeared just as i started reading! i was pretty mad. glad you’re feeling better. i’m still kind of sick right now, so uncomfortable. lots of sandwich bentos for now…

  5. lol! I saw the brain too! I was so into the brain with skulls background that the peppermint in box 3 looked spider-like at first glance. It’s like Goth bento!

  6. Oh, my. I thought there was a tiny brain on the rice too. **shudder**

    Being sick sucks. I’m glad you’re better. Just in time for midterms, right?

  7. LMAO the poo juice is hilarious. I’ve been a lurker ever since you made this blog btw, so I’m glad to see you back!

  8. I hope you stay better! Glad you’re back and blogging — your Why Bento page was pretty funny!

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