One of my favorite autumn foods – Pecan Shortbreads

As some of you already know, I live in a little slice of Hell called the American south. Autumn in the south is really just a sort of mild summer that lasts roughly three weeks. However, autumn in the south presents one pleasant thing: pecans. Oh, pecans. You taste so fucking nice. You’re especially good in shortbread cookies.

Here, as per usual, are your required materials:

2 cups all purpose flour (NOT SELF-RISING), sifted
1 cup butter (salted or unsalted, margarine may be substituted), soft
1/2 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup pecans, toasted and chopped*
An oven pre-heated to 350F

That’s it. No, really. That’s all you need. Now, let’s get started. Cream together the butter and sugar. What that means, of course, is to dump those two things in a big bowl and mix them together until fluffy.  Once that’s done, slowly add the flour and pecans. Once it’s all together, just roll the dough into small one-inch balls and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Smash them down a bit and put them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, or until the bottom’s are a little brown.

*Now, about those pecans. Does anyone here know that nuts do not come off the tree pre-toasted? If you do, you’re a step ahead of many people. If you don’t know how to toast them, read on.

Required materials:

Cookie sheet
Oven, set to 250F

Spread nuts of sheet (UN BLOODY GREASED). Stuff in oven. Leave until nutty smell escapes oven. Remove, cool.

Problem solved.  Unless you burned the nuts.



  1. That sounds remarkably similar to a cookie recipe I’ve got! Only I no longer live in the south, so I have to get my pecans in little plastic baggies at the grocery store.

    It’s inhumane.

    I’ve not tried toasting the nuts yet. I think I have an experiment to try!

  2. I had to laugh about your comments about the South. Cheers for the accuracy!

  3. […] One of my favorite autumn foods – Pecan Shortbreads […]

  4. You are so funny, I love your blog. Bento with attitude!!!

  5. i love shortbreads so much. banana breads are pretty fanfreakingtastic, too.

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