Sorry, guys! 😦 I’ve just been so busy with my transfer to my new school that I’d totally forgotten that I needed to update. I’m actually in transit to my new school (staying at a friend’s house between train trips) and will have plenty of updating to do when I’m finally in my new apartment. I’m so, so sorry that I slacked off for so long. I suck so bad. D:

Hopefully, I’ll find some bento goodies to entertain you with in the meantime.



  1. I’m glad to know you’re alive! I was beginning to worry. Good luck with settling in and I look forward to your posts.

  2. Looking forward to cheap and easy bento adventures!

  3. Awright! Hope the school switch works out okay, AND that you come back with more bento shenanigans.

  4. w00tsauce! I’m mostly glad you’re doing okay, a bunch of people I know on the interpipe are down with killer colds. *hugs!* Looking forward to more bentorama! Take care!

  5. Also, *PESTERS FOR E-MAIL ADDRESS*. I can send you pornography? ❤

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