New Potential Bento Find in Dollar Tree

Bento bunnies!

Found these at the Dollar Tree store. For a dollar, naturally. They were in the toys section, which I was browsing after grabbing a new nori punch. Since I only had a dollar on me at the time, I decided to pick these up instead.

The topmost items are, I guess, embossing stamps. Can’t think of a damn thing to do with them.

Second row is some little cookie/dough cutters. The uses for these are fairly obvious, and they’re what initially attracted me to this pack.

The third row, I didn’t think of a purpose for until I opened the pack and looked at them. Though they’re meant for storing Play Dough (not Play Doh) they’d make excellent sauce/small item holders.

So that’s my “I’m a cheap prick” post for the week.


Bento for Cheap Bastards

Several weeks ago, I wrote a cheap bento guide on my journal. I got a decent response, and I’ve finally decided to move it over here, and update it a bit. In short order (read: a week or so) I’ll be testing some of the containers listed and updating with firsthand data.

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New Bento, and Nori Punches at Dollar Tree

7/27/07 Bento

Bento 7/27/07


White rice


Steamed brocolli

Carrot stumps

Kiwi slices

Cabbage pancakes



In addition to a tasty new bento (which I didn’t upload for THREE BLEEDING DAYS) I also bring news of affordable nori punches.


Nori Punches


These things set me back a dollar apiece at Dollar Tree. They’re a fairly recent addition, and they’re in that funk-smelling crafts aisle I usually avoid.


Shapes aside from the lovely sun/shell combo I grabbed:


  • Apple
  • Musical note
  • Kissing couple
  • Seahorse
  • Moon
  • Candy

The same bin also contained embossers, for you weirdos who just want to half-stamp your nori.