New Potential Bento Find in Dollar Tree

Bento bunnies!

Found these at the Dollar Tree store. For a dollar, naturally. They were in the toys section, which I was browsing after grabbing a new nori punch. Since I only had a dollar on me at the time, I decided to pick these up instead.

The topmost items are, I guess, embossing stamps. Can’t think of a damn thing to do with them.

Second row is some little cookie/dough cutters. The uses for these are fairly obvious, and they’re what initially attracted me to this pack.

The third row, I didn’t think of a purpose for until I opened the pack and looked at them. Though they’re meant for storing Play Dough (not Play Doh) they’d make excellent sauce/small item holders.

So that’s my “I’m a cheap prick” post for the week.


  1. […] New Potential Bento Find in Dollar Tree […]

  2. Hmm.. if there was supposed to be a pic here, then there’s something wrong somewhere. I can’t see it :o( And those embossers sound very interesting. Please?

  3. I got those same containers at Hobby Lobby a while back! 3 for $0.75. They weren’t marketed as Play Dough containers though and didn’t come with the cut outs. How odd!

  4. I’ll bet you could mash the embossing thingys into slices of cheese or spam to make a cute design. If you’re into that sort of thing. :p

  5. I would like to note that there are bentos for sale at the Dollar Tree. ^_^ With hello Kitty on them. Not the most manly thing, but for a dollar?

  6. Thank you so much for this post — if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have known to look for these. I love them.
    By the way, the stamps they are for making cookies – there is a Scandinavian butter cookie recipe that is made using cookie stamps like these. They also work very well as butter stamps — to form cute designs on top of butter pats. They are fun.

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